Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit

Closing the Loop for a Circular Future

The Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit held its inaugural event on June 15, 2023, bringing together cross-sectorial businesses, policymakers, and the development community to explore the realities of transitioning to a circular economy in Bangladesh.

As a first in the world, the Summit digs deeper into understanding the motives behind developing more circular businesses and how these could offer winning propositions from a country, regional, and global perspective. The Summit aims to present insights into the evolving relationship between brands, manufacturers, and legislators—how trade will be impacted, how opportunities for decent jobs could be created, and what measures can be taken to ensure that the circular transition becomes equitable for all.

The future editions will further focus on how the principles of Circular Economy can be applied to Bangladesh’s economy as a whole and manufacturing sectors alike.

The first edition of the Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit unpacked the overall principles of the circular economy, with a special focus on exploring emerging and scaled-up circular solutions, industry best practices, and lessons for the apparel industry from other industries at the second half of the Summit—the Bangladesh Circular Apparel & Textiles Forum.

Our vision for the future summits is to delve into how a manufacturer can best accelerate circularity and what is needed from different stakeholders.

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