Bangladesh Climate
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Care for Climate

Climate change has become a pressing issue globally. Recent events have become a clear warning that our ecosystem is at a critical point where we may face catastrophic humanitarian crises. Especially with Bangladesh being the seventh most climate-vulnerable country in the world, we are facing economic losses worth billions of dollars and witnessed 185 extreme weather events due to climate change in the past two decades.

Rising sea levels, increasingly powerful cyclones, floods, salinization of freshwater, heat waves, and the displacement of millions of people—climate change is disrupting businesses and impacting communities.

Addressing these challenges posed by climate risk is a prime concern for Bangladesh Apparel Exchange. We are now poised to take the lead in driving a positive shift and to focus on both mitigation and adaptation measures for climate change risks in Bangladesh with “Bangladesh Climate Action Forum.”

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Understanding the scale of climate action and the impact it will have on the country will create a necessary synergy that can lead to a proactive stance for Bangladesh’s green transition. The Forum will be a platform for everyone to connect and embrace sustainable practices and climate actions through Technology, Innovation, and Collaborative Financing.

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