Knowledge Building and Skill Development

Knowledge Building

RMG is one of the most dominant industries in Bangladesh. There is huge potential in the industry, yet the existing knowledge gap is keeping us from breaking the traditional boundaries. With the rising global competition in the sector and consumer demand for sustainable and eco-conscious products, being innovative and authentic is the best way forward. As we are transitioning to a developing country, investment in R&D and fostering our knowledge and talent pool need to be emphasized to tackle future challenges.

Prioritizing knowledge sharing and creating a background for collaborative growth are the primary steps towards a brighter future for the apparel industry. Bangladesh Apparel Exchange creates incredible opportunities for industry leaders to take a deeper dive into industry knowledge.

Skill Development

With the paradigm shift towards embracing the latest innovations and sustainable product development in the apparel and textile sector, the skill requirement is also changing. Yet, even the most promising and innovative solution can fail if proper skill development and training systems for adaptation are not in place.

The Bangladesh Apparel Exchange has been introducing workshops and seminars to prepare the current and future leaders in the RMG industry to help them identify and predict the required skills at present and in the future. We aim to ensure that proper education and training management systems for the workforce can be integrated into every factory unit in Bangladesh.

Why We Must Bridge
The Skill and Knowledge Gap

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Workers employed in the industry

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Worker Productivity Lost

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Efficiency-loss In Most Factories

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Lack of Strategic Decision Making

Call for Partnership

We foster partnerships with a diverse array of organizations, including businesses, NGOs, and academic institutions. Together, we can harness the power of collaboration to drive positive change in the industry. Experience the synergistic energy of dynamic partnerships. Let us unlock new possibilities and pave the way for a thriving future in the apparel industry.