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Unveiling the true essence of Bangladesh

Bangladesh, as a country, has achieved numerous milestones that have remained untold until now. As a thriving economy and progressive nation, this is the time when we ought to showcase the achievements we’ve made and build a new image in front of a global audience.

To portray the positive narrative of Bangladesh and change perceptions in Europe, the Best of Bangladesh will be a nation-branding initiative promoting the core business export industries of Bangladesh, like RMG, Leather, Engineering, Digital, Agro-food, Handicraft, Fintech, and FMCG.

The event is set to captivate policymakers, industry leaders, international buyers, brands, retailers, business partners, art enthusiasts, the press, and the local community in Amsterdam by showcasing the best of what Bangladeshi industries and Bangladeshi culture have to offer. The platform will unleash the growth potential of the industries with a strong emphasis on safety, sustainability, and ethical manufacturing. In addition to the networking opportunity, Bangladeshi music, dance, and art will embody a glimpse of Bangla culture.

The Best of Bangladesh will grace the Westergas Fabriek in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The event is organized by the prestigious Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) and supported by the esteemed Embassy of Bangladesh to Netherlands.

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