Sustainable Apparel Forum

Driving the Apparel Sustainability Forward

Sustainability has become a crucial aspect of the global garment market, driving businesses to establish a lasting presence. In tandem, Bangladesh has also taken steps towards sustainable manufacturing, taking into consideration the needs of the environment and the current landscape.

The Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) initiated the Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) on May 17, 2017, bringing together stakeholders committed to advancing sustainability in the apparel industry. Since then, this annual Forum has garnered an enthusiastic response from its attendees, particularly presenters, business owners, and professionals who realize the significance of sustainable manufacturing.

SAF’s vision is to foster a thriving and sustainable apparel and textile sector that propels Bangladesh’s economy forward.

The Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) plays a pivotal role in positioning Bangladesh as a responsible sourcing destination globally. By driving sustainability through innovation, technology, education, and awareness, SAF aims to bridge the knowledge gap and accelerate the momentum of sustainability within the industry.

The forum serves as a valuable platform for sustainable technology developers, material innovators, green solution providers, and stakeholders to connect and understand the requirements of green manufacturing. It provides an environment where fresh perspectives on sustainability and innovation can thrive, showcasing international expertise.

The insightful discussions on this platform creates an awareness of the best sustainable solutions for policymakers from national and international organizations. Through its comprehensive approach, SAF drives positive change and fosters collaboration.

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