A Scoping Study on Circular Economy in Bangladesh's RMG


Circular Economy in RMG

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The Climate & Energy Response Facility Programme (CERF) led by the Dutch Governmental Agency RVO is collaborating with Bangladesh on reducing its environmental footprint and promoting circularity. As part of this effort, a scoping study is being conducted to identify opportunities and threats for the Bangladesh Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector in transitioning towards circularity. The study aims to map opportunities for improving circularity in the RMG value chain in Bangladesh and explore potential Dutch knowledge and business opportunities. It will involve desk studies, interviews, webinars, and round table discussions with Dutch and Bangladesh companies and knowledge institutes. The study's findings will be incorporated into Bangladesh's combi track and the CERF light intervention strategy, contributing toimproving circularity in the Bangladesh RMG sector, promoting sector development, bilateral trade, and responsible investment.